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Rechargeable 1,000 Lumen Emergency Lantern

Rechargeable 1,000 Lumen Emergency Lantern

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Our Rechargeable 1,000 Lumen Emergency Lantern offers 5 selectable lighting modes and a 360° COB LED design that will light up the whole room. Weather and impact-resistant construction, this Lantern is perfect for use outdoors, camping, and during Emergencies. The internal 1200mAh battery produces light for up to 9 hours, and can even be used to charge cell phones and other devices via the USB and USB-C ports. Features a convenient carrying handle and folding hanging hook. Included USB to USB-C charging cable stores in the base of the unit. Charging cable measures about 19"l. Unit measures about 3 3/4"dia x 7"h. and weighs less than 1 lb.

• Four Light Settings: High (1,000 lumen), Medium (300 lumen), Low (100 lumen), Night Light (100 lumen), Dimming (dims from high to low)
• Run Time: High (3 hours), Medium (6 hours), Low (9 hours), Night Light (9 hours)
• IPX4 Rated Splashproof

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