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Ultimate Care Electric Heating Breast Massage Bra

Ultimate Care Electric Heating Breast Massage Bra

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  • ACCELERATE BLOOD CIRCULATION: Far-infrared hot compress, accelerate blood circulation, promote breast fat growth, improve breast elasticity, and make breasts full and full.


  • WIRELESS DESIGN: wireless remote control wireless control. Choose a different mode and just choose the comfort level for you. USB charging, very convenient for your travel or business trip.


  • BREAST MASSAGE: use vibration massage to accelerate breast blood circulation, promote breast development, built 4 micro-circulation exercises, high-frequency vibration, shaping beautiful chest, this bra massager is designed to strengthen your breasts.


  • INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 42 °C constant temperature design, especially during the menstrual period to care for the breast, improve female hormones, promote breast growth, breast massage to restore breast elasticity, especially for breast sagging after childbirth, recovery prolapse and deformation.


  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: wash without disassembly, silky smooth, seamless underwear, comfortable to wear, not tight, lightweight material, breathable and sweat-absorbent.


Specification: Item Type: Massage Bra Material: Brushed Fabric Color: Black Voltage: 3.7V Battery: 1 x 650 mah Lithium Battery Powered by: USB Charging Upper Chest Circumference: Approx. 78cm / 30.7nch Lower Chest Circumference: Approx. 64cm / 25.2inch Weight: Approx. 342g Function: Dredge breast duct, Enhance the breast tissue, Relaxation breasts and breast deformation, Accelerate blood circulation, Relieve breast pain Using Method: Fix the bra to the breast and use it for 15-30 minutes a day, 1-3 times a day. The lithium battery "+" corresponds to the upper button of the bra, and "-" corresponds to the lower button of the bra, otherwise the power is not available. Package list: 1 x Massage Bra 1 x 650 mah Lithium Battery 1 x USB Cable Note: 1. In the process of use, goods such as quilts cannot be used to cover products to prevent local overheating. 2. Do not sleep while using. 3. If local red heat occurs after use, please stop observing for a few days. Do not use continuously. 4. Use with thin towel, no more than 30 minutes each time. Customers who are sensitive to temperature are advised to shorten each time, about 15 minutes. 5. Drink plenty of water before and after use to help with detoxification. 6. Direct plug use is prohibited. 7. Ban machine wash.
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